How Are We Going to “Do Christmas” This Year?

Have you caught yourself wondering when hope left the building lately?  There is so much uncertainty right now.  We have become a people whose words and thoughts have become an on-going sigh of lament.  There is no doubt about it, but anxiety has become an unwelcome and constant companion.  Most of us don’t even know how we are going to “do” Christmas this year.

Now, more than ever, we are inviting you to dig deep, and allow God’s dream of hope to creep into your living.  Let it linger, quietly filling your sleep, catching hold in your mind all day long, and taking up good space in your heart.  We invite you to join us, as we dare to be a witness to God’s radical love by choosing the path of hope this year.

We invite you to “do” Advent instead!

How, you ask?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking…

Light a candle and put it in your window through all the Advent nights.  Share the light of hope.

Turn off the news and listen to a piece of music that takes your breath away.  Hum a song for peace and goodwill to all people.

Reach out to a neighbour, through a phone call or a “just because” email.  Share your love with generous words.

Play.  Make and deliver a secret care package to someone’s door.   It will certainly make someone smile.  Bring your joy!

Share your bounty.  There are so many in need in Greater Sudbury this year.  Pick an organization or individual and give what you can.

The psalm reading for the first Sunday of Advent (November 29th) invites us to let our faces shine.  In fact, the writer mentions that three times.  Shine!  May that be your clue on how to “do” Advent this year.

We hold you in our prayers, thankful and blessed by your joy and your witness.

Happy Advent!  Dare to shine!

Rev. Dave and Rev. Catherine

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November 22, 2020 Worship Service

Worship Service Text: November 22, 2020

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