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St. Andrew’s United Church is a welcoming, compassionate, and inclusive Christian community of faith in downtown Sudbury. We offer meaningful and engaging worship, and provide leadership and support for mission-oriented programs and initiatives that are spiritually and socially relevant.


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St. Andrew’s Does Tea September 29!

St. Andrew's Afternoon Tea - September 29, 2018

St. Andrew’s United Church Teaistas Pat Martin, Margaret Winckel and Sandra Simpson

St. Andrew’s United Church loves to do tea!  We have wonderful servers, all kinds of tea pots and a wonderful selection of teas every time we brew a pot, or two, or twenty!

The next St. Andrew’s United Church Afternoon Tea is coming up on Saturday September 29, 2018.

The St. Andrew’s Tea-istas are promising that there will be an outstanding selection of teas, dainty sandwiches, sweets, scones, jam and cream served.  Everything you’ve come to expect from afternoon tea at St. Andrew’s.  There will also be door prizes!  This is a family event so bring your mother, your grandmother, heck, drag dad, grandad and the kids along too.   They all need a snack.  The tea will be held at 111 Larch Street in downtown Sudbury, 2nd floor – wheelchair accessible.  Cost: $15 per person.  For more information, contact Alison in the church office at 705-674-0721, ext. 101.  She’s there Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 until 2:00 (unless she’s making tea!)

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