Summer Reading List from the CSRC RRRT

Right Relations Resource Team 2021 Summer Reading List

Click on the link above to view the Canadian Shield Regional Council (CSRC) Right Relations Resource Team (RRRT) Summer Reading List for 2021.  There is long list from which to choose non-fiction, fiction, and children’s books. Enjoy your summer reading!


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Pilgrimage to Reconciliation – A Journey to the Apology Cairn

Pilgrimage for Reconciliation

Thirty-five years ago, the United Church of Canada apologized for the ways the church had contributed to the dismantling of a sacred spiritual path and the destruction of Indigenous culture and community. The Apology was received, but not accepted as complete. A cairn was built on the campus of Laurentian University, where the apology was given, to commemorate this historic act and more importantly the commitment made to reconciliation.

The “hard and humbling work of right relations building” (Jordan Cantwell) must continue. To demonstrate your commitment to this work you are invited to participate in a Pilgrimage for Reconciliation, if possible, on National Indigenous People’s Day/Day of Prayer, June 20th and 21st by visiting the cairn site, or if this is not possible, some other place that is special to you.

Click on the resource at the top of this post, Pilgrimage to Reconciliation. The resource suggests activities to guide your learning, reflection and commitment to action. It was created by the Manitou Intentional Learning Community in collaboration with Lisa Blais, chair of the Canadian Shield Regional Council (CSRC) Right Relations Resource Team (RRRT).

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