September 26, 2021 Worship Service

Worship Service Text:  September 26, 2021

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Please Pray for Our Sudbury Miners

Today, the Canadian Shield Region holds all 39 workers involved in the Vale’s Totten Mine elevator accident in prayer (33 who have climbed to the surface and the 6 who are still trapped today).  The Totten Mine is located about 40 km west of Copper Cliff near the small community of Worthington and employs about 200 people. CBC News reports that the workers are safe and are currently mobilizing to exit the mine via a secondary egress ladder system. According to, the climb will be 2,500 feet to a level where they can access a cage lift to the surface.  

Our Canadian Shield Regional Council invites prayers for the safety of these workers, the mine rescue support, the families and friends that are anxious and concerned for their loved ones. 

Holy One, you are a refuge and strength, a help in all trouble. 

In times of crisis, we lift our hearts to you. 

Your light shines in the darkness. 

Surround these workers with your grace and strength. 

By your Spirit, sustain those who seek to save and bring them to safety. 

Surround families and friends with hope, 

And to those in distress, grant mercy and relief. 


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