Getting Involved

1. Volunteer Support- You can put your name forth to be called on to help with a particular project or event. Or, you can volunteer to be part of a committee which supports an area of our Christian ministry that appeals to you. Our serving programs are described in various sections of this website. Please contact the church office (705-674-0721 or [email protected])

2. Financial Support- You can financially support a particular ministry of our congregation (Worship, Life Long Learning, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Downtown Ministry), or you can give a general financial gift to support our ongoing mission programs. Financial gifts can be a one-time donation or you can give on a regular basis through offering envelopes or Pre-authorized Remittance. Please contact our Treasurer, Jill Bennett, [email protected]

We can offer programs that serve the needs of God’s children, but we need your support to implement them. Help us help others to help themselves.