September 2021 Return to Worship

St. Andrew’s Church Council met on August 19th to approve a return to in-person worship in the sanctuary beginning on Sunday September 12th (the Sunday after Labor Day). Until then, services will continue to be recorded on Fridays, and posted to our YouTube channel by Saturday evening.

Starting on the 12th, our services will also be live streamed at 10:30 am.
Those who cannot or choose not to attend in person would have two options to view the service: watch it live at 10:30 am, or watch it later after a recording of the service is posted on YouTube. The virtual Fellowship Hour will continue to be hosted by Bev and Diane at 7pm.

More details can be found at the following links to three documents:

  1. a) a cover letter from Rev. Dave and Church Council – Worship update letter – Aug 25, 2021
  2. b) the list of worship practices that we will follow (similar to last fall, with a few adjustments) – St. Andrew’s Worship Practices – Sept. 2021

Questions about worship? Contact Rev. Dave or either of our Council co-chairs Phil Thurston [email protected] or Ralph McIntosh [email protected]

   iii. c) an invitation to sign up as a worship volunteer, using our Doodle Poll system – Request for Sunday volunteers – Aug. 2021

Five volunteers are needed each week: two screeners at the main entrance, one attendance monitor, one greeter, and one offering monitor

Questions about volunteering? Contact Leslie Cassidy, our interim Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

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