Through a mix of traditional and contemporary, the music ministry at St. Andrew’s energizes the worshipper and reflects the theme of the worship service. Congregational singing is supported by our 20 member senior choir, Cassavant Opus 3158 pipe organ, and Yamaha DC7 Pro Disclavier Grand Piano. Our Director of Music, Dr. Robert Hall, uses hymns from both Voices United and More Voices, choir Anthems, and occasional soloists to enhance the worship experience. The Postlude often involves a piano and organ duet with Dr Hall playing the organ while the Disclavier plays the other part which he has recorded earlier. Music at St. Andrew’s is a ministry rather than a program, inviting worshippers into joyful praise and an experience of spiritual awakening.

To inquire about joining the choir of St. Andrew’s United Church or with any other questions about the music ministry at St. Andrew’s, email Dr. Hall directly or call him at 705-674-0721, ext. 108.