Childrenai??i??s programs

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Sunday Morning Programs for Children and Families:

Time Up Front

Most Sundays, before the children leave for their Sunday Morning Programs, children (and anyone else who wishes) are invited to the front for the ai???Time Up Our ministry team has a wonderful way withAi??children, and gives everyone an opportunity to hear the message for the week and to respond to it, in a welcoming and inclusive way. (Many adults look forward to and get as much out of this time as the children!)

Church School

From September through June,Ai??children aged 5 to 12 participate in their own program of learning and community building, upstairs during Sunday worship.Ai??Our dynamic leader,Ai?? Kate, gears the program to the age and interests of the children who attend. Connor and Jacqueline are the Church School teachers.Ai?? The Church School has been active in its own Mission projects, learning about and raising money for community groups in our backyard and around the world. On Communion Sundays, Church School starts right at 10:30 and wraps up in time for the children to join the rest of the congregation for Family Communion.

ai???Stay-Inai??? Sundays

Children have their own place in our worship space and children can ai???Stay-Inai??? during the summer, for special services. and on Sundays when there is no childrenai??i??s program or they donai??i??t feel like attending. This way they can experience the Sunday Service while they work on themed learning activities at the Childrenai??i??s Tables.

Youth Program

Our youth program is lead by Nissah Sleik, who organizes programs for children aged 13 and up. Not only areAi??there Sunday morning activities, but also events outside the church, such as activities with youth of the other churches in Sudbury Presbytery, the annual, Manitou Youth Conference, Worshiplude in Ottawa, and national youth conferences. There are also opportunities for youth to take in other events, such as a trip to Canada’s Wonderland. Nissah also co-ordinates the Confirmation Classes, in conjunction with Rev. Bill and Rev. Catherine.

Nursery Program

Nursery Program is supervised by Shanda, our Registered Early Childhood Educator. Nursery Program is available every Sunday from September to May for infants and children up to 5. Infants and young children are also most welcome to stay in church with their families if their parents/guardians prefer.