Hearing impaired

St. Andrewai??i??s United Church IS Hearing FriendlyAi??

Those who need assistance to hear

are provided with hearing devices/units.

They hang around the neck, or sit in a pocket.

The units can be adjusted to your level of hearing.

If you need one regularly, you will haveAi?? your name on your unit,

and your ear set has its own bag labeled with your name.

That way we can keep track of how they are working,

and have them cleaned properly.

If you need a hearing aid device/unit please tell us

on coming into the Sanctuary.

Someone will be pleased to assist you.

Watch for the ai???Hearing Earai??i?? signAi??Ai??wherever you go.

FromAi?? St. Andrewai??i??s

Communications & Media Committee